Bicycle Maintenance

A well-maintained bike is safe, efficient, and fun to ride. There are a lot of options here to keep your bike in top shape.

Person fixing their bike at a FixIt station on campus.FIXIT STATIONS

There are six Fixit self-service bike repair stations on campus, located at the Miller Learning Center, the Ramsey Center, The Main Library, Myers Quad, Miller Plant Sciences, and the Center for Applied Genetic Technologies. Refer to the UGA Mobile App map for exact locations. Scan the QR code on the repair stations with your smartphone to see repair instructions.


Operation Safe Drive is a one-day car and bike safety-check service offered to members of the campus community by UGA Transportation & Parking prior to Thanksgiving Break. The Office of Sustainability also offers pop-up bike repair sessions during Earth Week and at other events at Tate Plaza during the school year.


The BikeAthens Bike Recycling Program is a volunteer organization that refurbishes donated bikes to give to people who need affordable transportation. While helping the community, volunteers learn basic and advanced bike repair and maintenance skills that they can later apply to their own bike. The shop also offers Fix Your Own Bike sessions.