Motorcycle & Moped Safety

Check your vehicle every time before riding

  • Perform TCLOCK Inspection
  • Tires
  • Controls
  • Lights 
  • Oils and Fluids
  • Chassis and Chains
  • Kickstand

General Safety Tips

  • Fill your fuel tank slowly and do not overfill. 
  • Allow your engine to run slowly for several minutes so the oil reaches all the surfaces it needs to lubricate.
  • Shift your transmission to neutral before starting your motorcycle or moped. 
  • Read the owner's manual before operating your motorcycle or moped. 

Safety Equipment

  • Required by law
  • Helmets that are properly worn (bicycle helmets are not good enough)
  • Eye protection or Windshield (motorcycle only) 

View more information on Georgia's motorcycle and moped laws.